Royce white

As a 16 years old I had my first panic attack. Several months later I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I was afraid and alone in my own thoughts. Fortunately I was given a lifeline by a doctor from my high school. She helped me understand that mental illness was common by revealing her own anxiety. She showed me how much power I could take back in my own life by better understanding my mind and the way it connected with my body and spirit.

In college I spoke publicly about my struggles with anxiety and my commitment to advocate for mental health as a true global issue. In 2013 I was selected 16th in the NBA draft. Shortly after being drafted I challenged the NBA to address mental health in the league with both education and policy. Not just for the sake of people working in the NBA, but the countless people the brand touches around the world. The NBA has yet to meet that challenge.

It is still important for the NBA to genuinely shift their attitude regarding mental health. As an institution it represents a global corporate community. But they’re not alone. Billions of human beings around the planet still lack a fundamental understanding of mental health and the central role it plays in overall health; Mind, Body and Spirit.

I created Anxious Mind’s to be a vehicle that advances mental health, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient. I want to give people information that helps them maintain their mental health. More people need to have a familiarity with mental health long before their first crisis. Most of all I want to encourage people who are struggling with mental health to ask for help no matter their circumstances. A true sign of bravery and humility. It is my hope that this company will assist people all over the world in that pursuit.

Mental Health is the way humanity has best articulated the human condition. It measures the way we think, feel and interact. Let’s take advantage.

Be Well

Royce A. White