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anxietytroopers @anxietytroopers
Anxious Minds, Inc.  @anxietytroopers
"When children's #mentalhealth needs are met, we see a decrease in the cost of their physical health." - Beth Stroul #SOCGuru #SSHS #MHM2016 
Anxious Minds, Inc.  @anxietytroopers
RT @HealthySafeKids:Our country needs to see #mentalhealth conditions as real health conditions & react swiftly #sshs - @samhsagov Kana Enomoto 
Anxious Minds, Inc.  @anxietytroopers
RT @Highway_30:"People without H.S. degrees are 2.5x more likely to have anxiety disorder. " - Kana Enomoto (@samhsagov) #NewData #SSHS #MentalHealthMonth 

Fact of the Day

Mental health stigma can lead to abuse, rejection and isolation and exclude people from health care or support. Within the health system, people are too often treated in institutions which resemble human warehouses rather than places of healing. – WHO